Reasons to install a three way catalytic converter

One of the dangers present today is air pollution. This is a term we are all familiar with. We also know that one of the main sources of this pollution is the emission from vehicles. Hence, many governments have put checks on the emission from vehicles. A major checkpoint on these emissions comes in the form of the catalytic converter. This is a device that converts toxic elements that are formed in the exhaust gas to less harmful elements. This is done by catalyzing a redox reaction. This reaction generally is about reduction or oxidation. These come in 3 types: oxidation converter, three way converter and three way plus oxidation converter. The oxidation converters reduce the amount of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide released. The three way catalytic converter includes nitrogen oxides in the list. The catalytic converters are also used with electric generators, forklifts, motorcycles, etc

What makes the three way converter different?

These converters reduce the production of hydrocarbons monoxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. They usually require a richer mixture than the oxidation converter. This usually means the metal rhodium. This form of converter has 3 functions. They are to reduce nitrogen oxide, oxidize carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Why install a converter?

Care should be taken during installation. Improper installation will affect the performance of the vehicle as well as the emission control systems. The model being installed should suit the vehicle type, size and weight. All connections to air injection components must be secure.


The 3 way converter should not be installed close to combustible components like fuel lines, tanks, hydraulic lines, plastic components, etc. They must be slipped over the outlet pipe or installed in the exhaust tubing before the muffler.

What are the components in a converter?

The basic components in a converter are the substrate or core. This is usually a ceramic monolith, though a metallic foil monolith may also be used. The next component is the wash coat. This is a carrier for the catalytic materials. It disperses the materials over a larger area and is usually made of aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, etc. It is important for this coat to remain stable even at high temperatures. It is a rough and irregular surface. The main part would be the catalyst itself which is a mix of precious metals like platinum, rhodium, iron, manganese, etc.


It is not possible to always prevent unwanted reactions like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, though it may be possible to reduce them by using more expensive components.

Daniela says that the technician are good in explaining about three way catalytic converter. It is a sophisticated device used in the exhaust system of many modern petrol engine vehicles.

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