How to park your bike safe?

Are you riding a bike? Then you are familiar with the problem of its safety. It very important to have a specialized lock, that will protect your bike from theft. Probably every cyclist, leaving their favorite two-wheeled unattended, even going to the store in a couple of minutes is worried about its safety. There is a wide range of prices and configurations, weight for bicycle locks, but how to understand which of them will actually guarantee the safety of your bike?

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In this post we are talking about the most common lock for bike and other ways to prevent steeling your bike such as using vehicle restraints.
• U-shaped lock (D-shaped lock) is considered as the standard of reliability and durability. To it is difficult to find a pick lock to it and bite it with reinforcing scissors. It means that the cracker with master keys, bolt cutters, a hacksaw and a hammer will leave with nothing. But the huge disadvantage of the U-shaped lock in his small catch. It can be attached either frame or wheel to a thick pipe or pole, and the bike almost need to be pressed. Plus D-shaped lock is quite heavy and bulky.

Locks with chain are very diverse and often their reliability depends on the price. A simple iron chain can be cut without problems with ordinary hacksaw and such locks have no protection.
• Lock of the plates - this is a very compact and lightweight locking device fixed on the bicycle frame. This lock consists of a hardened steel plates. But despite all it's pretty easy to break, especially in a place of fastening plates.
• Also to prevent theft vehicle restrains will be very useful. This mechanism is not only useful while parking in the hills and on the roads covered with ice, but will help you to male your parking safe.
• Very useful tip may be to set the alarm, which responds to the vibration. It is needs just a slight push and your bike will yelling loud and long. And you will jump out of the store and see the person, who wanted to rob you.
• And if you leave the bike for a long time - try to leave it somewhere under the camera or protected by the old ladies on the bench.

In general there is no universal punctured protection. It is necessary to include creativity and act on the situation.

Vicky Phillips, independent blogger and cyclist recommends to to buy vehicle restraints, that will help you to find out more about vehicle restraints functions and save your bike.

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