Interesting facts about bicycles!

This article is dedicated to bicycle lovers! Hope that you'll enjoy it.

There are only about one billion bicycles, that is twice more than cars and motorcycles.
• Tires pumped with air on the bike appeared earlier than on a motorcycle.
• The vast majority of people sit on the bike with the left side, throwing back their right leg. This is because the circuit leading stars and right landing difficult. The tradition is to place the chain on the right came from a riding where the left landing as common as the sword were worn on the left thigh, made it difficult to fit right.
• Bicycle as we know it today, with two wheels and traditional size, appeared in 1900.
• World speed record on a bicycle was archived by a 50-year-old Dane Fred Rompelberg and is 268.831 km / h.
• The most common reason of bicycle accidents is a bad protection of head. One more interesting fact about accidents is that not every bicyclist knows that he/she can hang hat on the legal presentation if they have been involved in bike crash. Read more informative articles about this topic on from qualified bicycle accident lawyers in Toronto.
• While cycling you are burning 600 calories per hour.

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