How to Install Kidde Smoke Detector in Your Garage?

If you own a valuable motorbike, you are probably interested in a good level of firefighting safety. As a rule, many people think about installing a Kidde smoke detector in their garage for that purpose.

A timely warning of a fire will protect your garage from troubles. Such detectors as a Kidde smoke detector are installed not only in apartments, houses, but also in garages.

Smoke detectors are detectors reacting to combustion products, capable of affecting the absorbing or scattering ability of radiation in the infrared, ultraviolet or visible spectral ranges. Among Kidde smoke detectors optical detectors are the most popular.

The principle of operation of the smoke detector is based on measuring the optical conductivity of the environment. In other words, when there is smoke in the garage, the light from the infra-red radiator is absorbed by the smoke environment and falls less on the photodetector. The drop in the level of the radiation received below the set value is an indication of the presence of the smoke in the premises.

There is a so-called smoke chamber equipped with slots for getting smoke in the construction of the smoke detector. The chamber should be treated with care, because it should not be clogged with dust and small debris, due to which it can work. Excessive dusting or contamination of cracks affects the Kidde smoke detector in the same way as smoke.

During the development of ignition with a lack of oxygen, a lot of smoke is released, which is easily fixed by the detector. However, with smokeless combustion, the smoke detector is not effective. It is also ineffective in the burning of rubber and similar materials. The soot particles emitted during combustion, which make up this smoke ("black smoke"), are practically absolutely black and do not reflect infrared radiation. Therefore, the detector does not work.

The smoke detector sets an alarm signal as soon as it detects smoke or gas, which means that it indirectly reacts to a fire. Also there are detectors that react to heat or light. Smoke detectors are most often used for installing in garages.

Now let's talk about how to install smoke detectors and alarms in your garage. To do this, you will need two optic electronic Kidde smoke detectors. You also can install one, but two smoke detectors should be used in order to prevent false alarms from the smoke detectors.

For this purpose, use Kidde smoke detector. The choice of these particular detectors is due to the fact that they are able to operate both at low and high temperatures up to -45 +50 degrees. They work with the overwhelming mass of control devices and have proven themselves from the best side.

In order to avoid false signals, you will need two additional resistors. Do not confuse it with the terminating resistor. The nominal terminal resistor in each device is different and comes with it in the kit. You will have to search for additional resistors yourself. Also, when connecting according to this scheme, it is worth to read the instruction for that receiver-control device, to which you will connect the fire alarm loop. And find out the value of the additional resistance.

After the connection of the alarm loop, you must be sure that everything is working properly.

To do this, it is necessary to insert a thin wire into the technological hole, after the operation of one smoke detector. The LED on it will light, signaling the fire detector's activation. And also do not forget to periodically clean the smoke detectors to avoid false signals and save your own money.

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